How many children can attend?

The number of guest depends on the type of party being hosted.  We can have up to 100 guest within our large party room!

What happens during the birthday parties?

Your birthday party is run by an experienced party host from beginning to end.        As the party starts, your host will give all the children a chance to dress up in deluxe costumes – and then the games begin!

Parties often start with a simple game like musical chairs, and alternate from dancing, active games to sit down games and activities. Usually about 30 – 40 minutes into the party, food will be served. Then it’s right back into games and activities! About 15 minutes before the end of your party, your host will organize all of your guests into a group so you can get some group birthday party photos, and then it will be time to present the cupcake tower for singing happy birthday and blowing out candles! After this there is usually time for one last game before the children take off their costumes. At the end, your host will help the birthday child hand out all of the gorgeous party bags and thank them for coming.

Are birthday gifts/presents opened during the party?

Parents often decide to take gifts home to open later on so nothing gets lost and it’s easier to record who gave each gift. However, if you wish for your child to open gifts during the party, please let the staff know when you arrive, and your host will allocate time for this during the party.

Does someone supervise the children eating?

Yes, your birthday party host stays with the children throughout the entire party in the party room. Our party hosts are at least 18 years old and are specifically trained before being able to run parties. Many of our staff have child-related degrees, and have a huge amount of experience with children. In addition to your party host, there are always extra party helpers to assist with the party and serving of food.

Can we bring our own cake?

Cakes are always included in all of our venue parties at no extra charge. Our cakes are large decorated cupcake towers with delicious iced cupcakes for all guests!

What if I have children attending with allergies?

Unfortunately due to the stringent health and safety regulations we strive to adhere to, we can not allow any additional food or cake to be brought into the premises.

If a child has allergies, they are welcome to bring a lunchbox of food along which we can serve to them during lunch. We do try to make our food items as low allergy as possible. We also provide the option of replacing your cupcakes (which include wheat, dairy and egg) with special order allergy free cupcakes. For further information on ingredients, please contact us at (618)628-GROW(4769).

Are birthday party bags / loot bags included? What is in the party bags?

Yes, our custom made party bags are included in all of our parties! Party bags are colored to suit the party theme. We understand most parents don’t want children going home with loads of unhealthy sugar snacks, so we fill our party bags with great quality themed accessories and just a couple of individually wrapped candies to keep the kids happy!

What prizes do you provide for games?

Our prizes are great quality items that match the theme of the party wherever possible. There are three prizes included in all of our venue parties, however you may choose to add a prizes upgrade so every child receives a prize and no-one misses out. This is a particularly good option for younger children who can sometimes struggle with understanding why they miss out. If the prizes upgrade option is chosen, we aim to give every child the same prize to avoid any arguments! To view examples of prizes, please consult our Imagine Birthday Party Coordinator.

How many birthday parties do you run at the same time?

At our venue, although there are several party rooms, we never run more than two parties at one time. There is a separate parent lounge area, so you have an area specifically for your party and of course your child’s party room is exclusively for their party only.

How many parents can stay?

We have additional seating in our reception area to accommodate approximately 3-4 adults.  In order to appropriately manage our activities we ask that only the parent(s) of the birthday child be allowed in our party room.

Can we hold large family parties at your venue?

Yes, please inquire with our Imagine Birthday Party Coordinator!  Our venue has ample space to accommodate large party functions.

Can we bring food and alcohol for the parents?

We have a sweet and savoury platter available for purchase if you are expecting adults to stay and wish to provide some snacks. Coffee is provided free of charge for anyone to help themselves to throughout the party. Unfortunately no additional food or drink can be brought into our venue.

Is your venue air conditioned?

Yes our venue has reverse cycle air conditioning.