Fancy Affair Tea Party

Good Day, Sir and Madam!

Your young lady will enjoy experiencing the finer things in life and learning how to be a “grown up” for a day.  Little girls love the elegance of dressing in beautiful clothes and parading around for their friends.   A tea party is also a great way for kids to practice good table manners.  This party makes learning proper etiquette fun and exciting! paragraph

Formal Dress Up Party

At our center, we will provide the following for 10 formal attendees:

  • Set-up and clean-up
  • 2 hours of hosted party time
  • Special birthday gifts for your child
  • 2 Imagine party hosts and 1 party coordinator
  • Table cloths and paper goods
  • Balloon Arch
  • Cupcakes and juice
  • Music, Party games, Activities and Prizes*
  • Gift Registry

* prizes are only included in certain party packages