Eins-Team Engineering 4 Kidz

Eins-Team Engineering 4 Kidz offers classes for students who are enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Multiple engineering disciplines will be brought together to build some truly amazing projects and solve elite problems.
Gifted Children Program at Growing Scholars Educational Center

We foster an environment that enables children to positively interact with and learn from their intellectual peers.  Students are transported to a world far beyond the scope of a traditional classroom. These compelling engineering experiences range from aerospace, civil, mechanical, acoustical and more! Your evenings will never be the same!

E4Kphots E4K Kennedi E4K mache E4K robot E4K science experiment E4K shapes E4K windmill E4K windmill2

Each session is comprised of eight separate 1.5 hour classes that meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 6PM – 7:30PM and are guaranteed to keep your child stimulated and challenged!

Saturday morning classes are offered from 10- 11:30 AM


SESSION 1: September 1 – October 24   “On Your Mark, Get Set Go!”   

Young EinsTeam Engineers will be introduced to Mechanical Engineering -while learning about concepts of physics, energy, movement and materials through construction.


SESSION 2: November 3 – January 16  ”If You Build It They Will Come!”

Young EinsTeam Engineers will be introduced to Civil Engineering – while learning about concepts of tension, bending, and torsion through creating and building several bridge designs.


SESSION 3: February 2- March 26   “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”

Young EinsTeam Engineers will be introduced to Electrical Engineering -while developing and producing basic electronics and circuits.


SESSION 4: April 5 – May 28  ”Artificial Intelligence”

Young EinsTeam Engineers will be introduced to Biomedical Engineeringwhile learning about concepts of biology and medical devices.

SUMMER SESSION 1:  June 7 – July 5 “LEGO CLUB”

Young children are given basic challenges and are encouraged to build
creatively. This class purposely uses as little instruction as possible at the
beginning of the class in order to encourage children to problem solve on their
own. The instructor carefully watches students as they come up with their
solutions and will provide as much or as little instruction as needed for the
child to have an enjoyable experience and feel that their solution was reached
on their own.

SUMMER SESSION 2:  July 18 – August 16 “LEGO CLUB”

Children are presented with an approximately $20 age appropriate LEGO kit* at the
beginning of the class. Students are then challenged to build models using only
the parts from the kit. We may ask them to build an airplane from a car kit or
a spaceship from a building. For this age group helpful instruction is given as
needed as well as instruction for building with some strength for a more
durable model.

LEGO CLUB will meet for 5 weeks for 2 hours once a week.  Pick from Tues or Thursday 6-8PM or Saturday 10-12PM.

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